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Becky Baker - Copywriter


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If your team has run out of ideas for a new name or creative concept, I can help you shake things up. Over the years, I’ve facilitated many naming and brainstorming workshops with project teams across various industries. Using creative exercises and a positive approach, I motivate your teams to think out of the box and come up with new ideas. As a sparring partner for small businesses, I help them focus on what’s important for their target audiences so they can develop relevant value propositions for new products or services or set out effective communication plans.

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Want to get technical audiences in the B2B sector to pay attention to your marketing campaign? Make it fresh. Make it relevant. I help you create multi-media marketing campaigns that get results. By getting inside the heads of your readers, and understanding their challenges. I come up with ideas that capture their interest and solve the problems that are keeping them awake at night. I’ve worked with a variety of creative agencies over the years on concepts and multi-media content for new products and services that have achieved their business targets. My online campaigns help my customers increase their leads at trade shows and pump new life into existing products and services. I also help project teams formulate strategic marketing propositions and messaging to keep complex projects on time, on budget and on message.

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How do you get people to read your story? Make it interesting and make it clear. Whether you’re talking to employees, journalists or customers. By putting myself in the shoes of your reader, I come up with ideas that will inform and entertain your readers. Even though I’ve written hundreds of press releases, backgrounders, newsletters, advertorials and management briefings over the years, every new subject and reader presents a new challenge. I love looking for ways to put the zing and sparkle in what you have to say.

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Testimonials are the foundation of marketing success because they are real opinions from real people. My customers trust me to interview their customers across Europe and the US because they value my meticulous preparation and interviewing skills. The result is credible and persuasive stories that can convince skeptical prospects. No marketing fluff. No fake flattery. My goal is to uncover the challenges that are holding your customers back. And tell the story of how your products or services helped them move forward. I speak Dutch fluently and frequently interview people in Dutch for customer testimonials in the Benelux.

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Videos are a great marketing tool because we can’t seem to resist watching them. The secret to creating a great video is to keep it short and interesting. The demand for videos has gone through the roof in the past few years. They are now a key element in the marketing mix, and I’m privileged to work with some exceptional video artists. Together we craft great stories that spread the excitement of a company’s brand.

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Web content

Build your customer preference and loyalty with clear and compelling web content. Whether you need SEO copywriting to generate new leads, increase brand preference or attract more visitors. I’m a certified SEO copywriter and help many high-tech companies in the B2B sector set out online content strategies and campaigns for a variety of products and services. Based on your audiences, technology, and brand, I’ll look for ways to help you make your online content work harder and smarter.

When all think alike, then no one is thinking

Walter Lippman


The things you should know

Becky Baker

Strategic content partner

I started writing when I was 13 to make sense of the world. Today I’m still doing the same thing, but for high-tech companies in the B2B sector. My mission is to make the world of high-tech products and services accessible for all. How? I help companies look beyond the obvious to help them see things more clearly and simply. I look at your product or service with the eyes and heart of your customer. That’s how I produce content that cuts through the clutter and gets you noticed. Whether it’s for a surgical X-ray system, passport printer, tractor leasing service or something else entirely. Several A brands in The Netherlands have long relationships with me as their strategic content partner because of the business results we achieve together.


That’s what I do. What’s your story? What would you like to achieve and how can I help?